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About SSE



Car Riders begin unloading: 7:30 AM

 Bus Riders begin unloading: 7:30 AM

School Begins: 8:05 AM

Tardy Bell: 8:10 AM

Dismissal: 3:10 PM


• All visitors must report to the office. Please enter the office to sign in and pick up your visitor's pass immediately after arriving on campus. Please return to the office to leave your pass and sign out upon exiting campus.

• When checking students in, please enter the office with the student to sign them in. Students not in the classroom by 8:10 AM are considered tardy.

• When checking students out, please enter the office with your ID available to sign the student out. Students must be checked out by 2:40 PM.

                                                                  MAKING PAYMENTS

 • If possible, please make all payments online through the "School Cash Online" link that can be found on the LPPS website or on our Quick Links tab.

• Checks, money orders, or cash will be accepted. Please have the exact amount as the office may not have change. Checks and money orders need to be made out to Southside Elementary. Checks need to have 2 working phone numbers and the student's name somewhere on the check.

• Students will not be allowed to take part in extra curricular activities or go on school field trips until an operational fee payment is made.


Teacher Conferences:

• If you desire a conference with your child's teacher, set up an appointment by calling the office or scheduling it   

   with the teacher.

• Conferences can be conducted before/after school hours or during the teacher's break. 

• Parents will not be allowed to conference with a teacher if the conference was not scheduled.

Teacher Communication:

• SSE Teachers communicate through the Class Dojo App to track behavior and communicate with parents throughout the year. You can keep up with your child's class as well as message the teacher through this website/App.  

• SSE Pre-K Teachers communicate by texts through the Class Dojo App (and/or Remind App). 

• You can call the office to schedule a conference.

• You can e-mail your child's teacher.

•  You can send a hand written note.



*For the updated list of LPPS Student Dress Code Guidelines, click the link below.
Student Dress Code

* Students can wear their SSE Spirit shirts (short sleeve & long sleeve) every Friday!

*Students can wear their SSE sweatshirts & 1/4 zip pullovers every day.

Click to view our 
Student/Parent Handbook

Screenshot 2023-07-07 143228.jpg

Click the small picture  below to open a printable PDF version

Screenshot 2023-07-07 143228.jpg


    • Scan your receipts on the box tops app or bring in community          coffee labels any time throughout the year.

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